Are You Prepared for Anaphylaxis?

Veteran Paramedic Donald Malborough shares his tips for preventing and treating anaphylaxis: "I have seen a lot of anaphylaxis with shellfish, iodine, and peanuts. Some people are so allergic to peanuts that just the oil from the peanut getting on their skin will cause anaphylaxis."

Are You Prepared for an Asthma Emergency?

Paramedic Erik Hogan offers his expert knowledge on asthma attacks: "An acute asthma attack is something I deal with a lot. Iíve had several patients who had extreme asthmatic attacks, where they canít speak at all. And you can see that it is taking everything they have just to breathe. That really gets to you because you really want to help them."

Allergy 911 Statistics

As many as 50 million Americans may be at risk for anaphylaxis.

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